Beach Bootcamp

Beach Bootcamp

This is a high energy total body workout that utilizes the beach setting with functional movements. Our exercises are designed to bring out your inner athlete! Our expert trainers use a variety of equipment such as kettlebells to develop power/athletic conditioning for posterior, chain muscles and resistance bands to target deep torso muscles, and both will be mixed with sprint mechanics.

This is a team effort! We will all be working together as a group as well as broken up into pairs so this will be sure to be fun and fitness.

Beach Bootcamp Ladies Only

This is a unique beach workout in the setting of Dubai's only private beach with highly experienced and award-winning exercise professionals who have developed a blueprint for a ladies only sculpting class. The workout includes exercises designed to target the key areas for a female athletic, toned body.

This class has a social aspect as you will be working out as a team with collective health and fitness goals.

Class & A Glass

This class is Beach Bootcamp with a bonus!

After your sunset workout on the beach be sure to stop into Cove Beach and grab yourself one of two drinks, Recharge or Rogue. Our recharge drink is nonalcoholic and will be sure to bring your energy levels up after your hard work out. Our rogue is for those who wish to treat themselves to a customized low-calorie cocktail while chill out at Cove Beach.